Pain Management Program

We offer safe, effective and naturally drug-free pain management approach for your – ACUTE OR CHRONIC pain, whether is from injuries or secondary to other condition. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine modalities are a successful way to treat pain and discomforts all over the body, without side-effects.

Most common types of pain we have successfully treated:

  • Lower Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Knee Pain
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Osteoarthritis Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Fibromyalgia

How Acupuncture Relieves Pain

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s ability to spontaneously heal injuries to the tissue through nervous, immune and endocrine system by creating “micro traumas”. As the body heals the micro traumas induced by acupuncture, it also heals any surrounding tissue damage left over from old injuries.

Acupuncture releases natural painkillers, the insertion of the needle send a signal through the nervous system to the brain, where chemicals such as endorphins, norepinephrine and enkephalin are released. Some of these substances are 10-200 times more potent than morphine!

Sports Injuries & Pain

Pain is one of the most common complaints in sports injuries followed by reduced function. The whole approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to the treatment of pain and reduced function is to see it as a disorder in the body’s natural state.

The treatment is geared toward rectifying the disorder and restoring internal harmony.

Acupuncture has a very successful record with sports injuries. Many professional sports teams have acupuncturists on staff to decrease healing times and resolve stubborn ailments.

The use of acupuncture to treat acute injuries from intense or repetitive physical activity began centuries ago. It was, and still is, one of the primary means of quick healing for the martial arts.

Specific acupuncture styles and techniques were developed to stop pain and dramatically increase recovery time. This tradition continues today and its use has expanded into competitive athletics that result in similar injuries. Recent studies show that acupuncture effectively treats sports injuries such as strains, sprains, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle pain, swollen muscles and shin splints. In addition to treating the injury, Acupuncture can also improve performance and give athletes a competitive edge.

The largest clinical study of acupuncture ever conducted was published in the December 2004 Annuals of Internal Medicine and found acupuncture to significantly reduce and improve function in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. In recent years, acupuncture has become more popular in Western countries and is now recognized by the National Institute of Health as an acceptable form of treatment for pain.