Integrative Detox

Toxicity occurs from two sources, internal and external, external toxicity results from environmental exposures, while internal toxicity occurs from not only the production of metabolic wastes from the body’s biochemical processes, but also the hurtful (toxic) emotions and emotional memories that are stored in the psyche, which with time, can undermine our health. To achieve the best results possible, it is important to address all levels of toxicity, as well as to support healthy changes in diet and lifestyle.

Our Integrative Detox program was specially developed to support the four key approaches to achieve its goals:

  1. Dietary support of the body’s detox processes with an emphasis on the whole foods and elimination of known dietary triggers;
  2. Lifestyle practices that support detox;
  3. Elimination of toxins through stimulation of excretory organs (homeopathy)
  4. Support of liver detox pathways.
Interactive Detox Program